We are a group of parents who have children who have been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder.
This can happen to a child for a variety of reasons. Raising these children is very challenging. We think that reading about other's challenges is very helpful and encouraging. So we created this blog so we can write things we go through without infringing upon our children's privacy. For this reason we will not use our children's names or our own. We hope you find this blog helpful

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


How many of your kids are medicated with drugs to make them nice? How many of us parents hate the medications and are so sad that the kids have to be on them? Write and tell us about it. Titan has been on medication since last summer and it took us several months of finding the right med and the right dose. Now we have found what works the best, but I feel like I have to flood him with chemicals just to make him feel anything. This is such a sad realization. Sometimes we forget or he just doesn't take them and we go right back to the old behaviors. That is the realization that the chemicals are calming him but little healing has taken place. That is also what gives me the fight to keep going however. Makes me understand that we just have to try harder. Tell us about your experiences with meds.


  1. We have tried medication. I had a different attitude, I was so hoping it would be an easy answer, or maybe if not a cure at least a tool. It did not help our son. Though a lot of other moms seem to think it helps.

  2. We waited for a year before trying meds. It almost killed me. I have no idea how I managed to keep us all alive. We noticed a difference immediately and while it didn't fix everything, it made them just that little bit less violent so I could hold them or be near them.

    I had 2 that cried for hours a day over nothing. I mean NOTHING. I would say, "You forgot to tie your shoe." They would respond with endless sobs. I could only be sympathetic for so long and they were miserable.

    I couldn't have continued forever waiting for them to love me. I needed to be able to be nice to them and that is hard when someone is violently attacking you over and over. I'm glad we waited b/c I knew it was the only way, at that point. Now we are dealing with organic illnesses and meds are a must. It is no longer a choice but then I'm not sure they ever really were optional.

  3. Sometimes I feel it was optional for us but that for whatever reason I was not able to reach him. For me it was defeat and I hate that. For me it meant that I didn't have enough to offer him to reach him on a level he needed. But the violence was to the point where residential was being considered. Honestly at that point I don't even think he cared if he left. But I did so we consented to medications. I am still sad about doing it, but it is working to make him reachable. When he was violent I could remain calm usually, but I was scared for my younger children.


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